Weekly Updates

Final Demo Approved!

After a meeting with the Texas Instruments liaison we have reached a final agreement on how the final demo will look like. The final demo will include 3 different demonstrations of the robot. The first one will be the obstacle… Read More

FFT works!

In the past weeks the team has been working on the capability to control the start and stop of the robot program using sound. For this, it was important that the microphone recognizes only the user’s voice rather than the… Read More

New Sounds

In order to display the capabilities of the DSP Launchpad. The team would like to include more complex sounds in the demo showcase. These sounds would use a Text to Speech chip that contains various algorithms allowing for more sounds… Read More

Demo Time!

This week the team was able to present a preliminary demo utilizing the new PCB board, the Audio Booster Pack and the motors in the robot. The program starts once a sound is inputted through the microphone. The demo displayed… Read More


The team met with a group of judges to revise our timeline and make sure we are staying on track. We got great feedback and we are planning to implement their recommendations in our future presentations 🙂

PCB Ordered!

Over the past few weeks, our team designed the first iteration of the prototype PCB that will connect the TI-RSLK with the DSP Board. We sent the design to a PCB supplier to be printed and we received it, soldered,… Read More

Report Week!

This week we submitted our first draft on the product design specifications which included the customer’s needs and technical descriptions of the project. We are also researching products that have a similar purpose as our project in order to get… Read More

What’s new

This week we started assembling the robot and working on the software applications. We first started with the labs provided by the Texas Instruments TI-RSLK MAX curriculum. We started by getting familiar with CCS and the robot itself through the… Read More