A Small Update

Team Macro Mice has been hard at work on the beginning stages of our project. After obtaining 32gb micro SD cards, we finally had enough space to download and install OpenCV on our raspberry pi. We followed the tutorials that were linked in our last blog post. We hope to begin coding and testing different cameras when they arrive. A word of warning to those planning on installing OpenCv on a raspberry pi: it will take about 6 hours to do so. You can speed up the installation process, but run the risk overheating the system. 

In addition to the aforementioned progress made on the computing front, we were able to take strides in the physical design of the prototype as well this week. From discussions with Dr. Varholick, in person evaluation of mouse behavior, and measurements made on mouse cadavers, the concepts for physical components has begun to take shape. Sketches highlighting multiple concepts for each core component of the prototype were produced and approved. We are ending this week with 3D CAD models of the designs being prepared for completion in the following week.  

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