Hardware Hurdles and Meeting Mice

Earlier this week, we attempted to use Open CV on a Raspberry Pi. Some tutorials that were helpful were this one from Open CV and this one from Py Image Search. However, we only had an 8gb micro SD card for the pi and after updating the Raspberry Pi OS (Raspbian), there wasn’t enough space to download and build Open CV. We have ordered some 32gb micro SD cards and plan to try again once they arrive. 

Derek is working from home in South Florida and is still waiting on approval from the lab so equipment can be sent to him. He needs materials so he can begin coding and recognize the hardware limitations and software compatibility.  

On the physical side of Spiny Mouse Selfie, Daniel met with Dr. Varholick and our spiny stakeholders to better understand their behavior, the enclosure’s design requirements, and our liaison’s expectations for the project. After this meeting Daniel is rearing and ready to go to work on creating conceptual designs and models for the mechanical components of the project. 

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