PDR Preparations and Prototype Beginnings

By far the biggest activity this week was our Preliminary Design Review (PDR) presentation peer-review. For those who are unfamiliar, the PDR presentation, and by extension the PDR report, is the first chance where each individual IPPD team gets a chance to show their current project plans to their sponsor company outside of their point-of-contact liaison. This presentation is next week for us and the peer review gives us a chance to refine it before the big day. While we ran into some technical issues, we bounced back and the feedback we received from our peers was extremely helpful. We have taken these comments into consideration and we feel confident for our PDR presentation next week. Now to tackle that pesky report. 

In other news, Derek is learning remote this semester, and there has been a delay in receiving parts as a result. All the Raspberry Pis have been received and all the cameras should be in by next week as well. Hopefully with IPPD assignments slowing down and all parts being in our possession, we can begin coding up some tests for the image processing software and start printing some basic housing unit components to test on with the mice.  

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