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Testing Phase

Hey Everyone! Welcome back! We have started our testing since our prototype is completely assembled! We can’t share any specifics but everything is going as planned and we should be getting some good data!

Continuing the Work

Our team continues to get into the lab and build the prototype so here are the updates! We have ordered almost every part and we are getting down to the last few pieces. Our main components for our cooling system… Read More

What Else We’ve Done

Moving forward from the first Qualification Review Board was a time since we are still trying to get all of our parts chosen. We have a good amount ordered but it is still taking some time. We have started running… Read More

Reworking the Design

What’s good y’all! So the first of the design hiccups happened this week. With a limited budget, our prototype needs to work and fit within our budget, so we have a couple changes that we are making. Our valve that… Read More