Month: January 2021

QRB 1 – Pushing Forward

So we have now completed QRB 1 and had the opportunity for a review board to give us some advice on our direction and progress. We were a bit slow starting out, but they recommended that we push forward with… Read More

Updating the Design

So check this out! We have been looking around and we have found a few valves that could work. A lot of them have had some issues holding up to the temperatures, but overall, they are really good choices. The… Read More

Reworking the Design

What’s good y’all! So the first of the design hiccups happened this week. With a limited budget, our prototype needs to work and fit within our budget, so we have a couple changes that we are making. Our valve that… Read More

Time to Start Again

Hey Y’all! It’s the start of the semester and our team is starting again! So far, we are all still remote but we have split into two separate teams with reorganized structures so that our team can work in the… Read More