Month: March 2021

Post PID

Thank you to all the professionals that gave us their time so that we could demonstrate the work that we have done! We received some really good feedback and will be using it to further our progress! Our next change… Read More

Let’s Get Ready for PID!

So with the upcoming Prototype Inspection Day, we want to be sure that our device is ready for being shown! We have made some changes to the system and have been using our original valve to control flow in a… Read More

Houston, we have a Problem!

Hi Again! So we have run into some issues with our valve and have decided to replace it! We love the idea of having a valve that can be controlled without manually changing it, but due to some limitations in… Read More

Testing Phase

Hey Everyone! Welcome back! We have started our testing since our prototype is completely assembled! We can’t share any specifics but everything is going as planned and we should be getting some good data!