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We are all Big Fans of this now!

So update, our larger fan did not work, so we have opted to use smaller fans in our testing so that we can get better control of our airflow. Check this out!

We were running tests on our algorithm that will determine fan speed while reading temperature. This was our setup and the test is showing promising results!

Most of our team is able to get into our lab for assembly of our prototype so we should have some updates on that this coming week. All you need to know for now is that physical building is moving along as we will have a functioning prototype by early March!

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What Else We’ve Done

Moving forward from the first Qualification Review Board was a time since we are still trying to get all of our parts chosen. We have a good amount ordered but it is still taking some time.

We have started running tests on our fans, but we are running into some issues with making our larger fans function properly so we are looking into using multiple small fans in place of the larger ones!

I will keep yall updated in the coming weeks! Thanks for tuning in!

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QRB 1 – Pushing Forward

So we have now completed QRB 1 and had the opportunity for a review board to give us some advice on our direction and progress.

We were a bit slow starting out, but they recommended that we push forward with our design and prototype, so that’s exactly what we are doing!

We have ordered almost all of our supplies and will be starting the build this coming week!

A highlight that we decided on as well was to avoid building a casing and instead get a chest freezer! This will be similar to the one pictured below:

Kenmore 17552 5 cu. ft. Chest Freezer - White

This will save a lot of time building and we will not have to spend a ton of time insulating the enclosure to reach the desired temperatures!

We can’t wait to see this built!

Updating the Design

So check this out!

We have been looking around and we have found a few valves that could work. A lot of them have had some issues holding up to the temperatures, but overall, they are really good choices.

The top consideration is a valve made by Brand Hydraulics. It is a flow control valve with an excess port which will allow for specific flow control to two different ports!

15 GPM 12 Volt DC Brand Hydraulics CEP1500 Electric Flow Control | Flow  Control Valves | Hydraulic Valves | Hydraulics |
Flow Control Valve – Brand Hydrailics

We will continue our research on this valve and keep talking to the guys over at Brand Hydraulics, so stay tuned!

Reworking the Design

What’s good y’all!

So the first of the design hiccups happened this week. With a limited budget, our prototype needs to work and fit within our budget, so we have a couple changes that we are making. Our valve that we originally intended to use would blow up the budget so we decided to pick a new one!

3-Way Temperature Control Valve
AMOT G-Valve

The above valve was the one that we originally would’ve liked to use. It is a mixing/diverter valve that has multiple purposes so it was a pretty solid choice. Turns out it didn’t work like we wanted to! We bounced some ideas off the guys over at AMOT, but when it came down to it, the valve just wouldn’t keep up with the purpose we had in mind for it.

Anyways, our search continues and we will find something that works!

See y’all next week!

PS. Check out this video on the G-Valve, it’s a fantastic piece of equipment!

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Time to Start Again

Hey Y’all! It’s the start of the semester and our team is starting again! So far, we are all still remote but we have split into two separate teams with reorganized structures so that our team can work in the most efficient way possible!

Joseph, Thomas, and Yehya are all working to assemble the prototype while Marla and yours truly are working on the back-end. We will keep you updated as time goes on!

Sandvik Mining to provide five D25KS drill rigs for Nkomati mine site -  International Mining
Sandvik Drill Rig –

Happy Holidays and Prototype Inspection Day!!

It’s here and we had some really good feedback!

Our data was readable and we given some really solid advice on how to eventually present our prototype to our sponsors.

Next up we will be looking into different companies to find the parts that we want to use!

Hope everyone has a safe holiday!

Lets Keep Working!

Hello Again!

Since the last time we spoke, the team has been working on improving the simulation and we have made it a LOT easier to understand so check this out. The first image below is showing how the temperature would react if the electronic valve in our system was not moved at all and if the fan was running at a minimum speed.

The second image shows what the temperature would do if the fan was running at top speed and all the oil was sent through the cooling side of the circuit.

I would say more but this is all I think I can so keep an eye out for the next time!

See Ya!

Preparation for Prototype Inspection

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a while so let me fill you in on the work that the team has been up to!

We have been developing our first set of prototypes and everything is coming together pretty well. We have opted to use MATLab to program a simulation that should give us thermal gradients and the change in temperature in specific situations. Here’s a sneak peak of the unfiltered data!

This shows the reactions of the temperature (purple), in response to the RPM of the cooling fan (yellow), the valve actuation (red), and the ambient temperature (blue)

We will keep you posted on how this is going! Wish us luck!

Prototype Progression

Hi Everyone!

This week was focused around the start of our prototype ideas for the upcoming Prototype Inspection Day that is around the middle of November. We are working hard on our design of a smart controlled which can be seen below!

PID Controller Example

We are working on creating a PID controller to improve the cooling in the Compressor Oil System!

We have started to explore some other ideas as well so please stay tuned! Thanks for keeping up with us and STAY COOL!!

Compressor Cooling Consultants, Faculty Coach and Liaison Engineer!
From Left to Right: Joseph Morales (CPE), Trevor Wilson (ME), Dr. Kurt Schulze (Faculty Coach), Yehya Haj (ME), Neetendra Mishra (Liaison Engineer), Marla Smith (ME)
Not Pictured: Thomas Wolfe (ME)