Time to Spin Up

See what we did there?

Let us introduce ourselves. Hi, we are Compressor Cooling Consultants, but you can just call us CCC for short. We are a small team of four Mechanical Engineering students and one Computer Engineering student with a goal of providing the best possible solution to the project that was presented to us by our Sponsor, Sandvik.

During the first few weeks, we spent our time setting up weekly meetings with our Coach, Dr. Kurt Schulze, as well as our Liaison Engineer. We took the time to start getting to know each other. We took time learning what each team member could bring to the table as well as what our lives also involved so that we could work best with making arrangements.

As for our project, we have begun analysis on the system as a whole. We have also started the planning by identifying our stakeholders and identifying any constraints that are applicable to said stakeholders. In the coming weeks, we will be taking the time to visit our sponsors to get a better understanding of the project.

We are so excited to get to work!

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