FDR Recap

This previous Tuesday (4/20/2021) the One For All team was able to show off the work they accomplished this year to Northrop Grumman, peers, and family. The team did the FDR presentation took the safe precautionary methods to have this… Read More

The Last Lap!

This week the One For All team Made a 2 minute video documenting our progress on the project. There are still some edits to make which will be finished up this week. The team will also finish up the poster… Read More

PID Review

This week the One For All team presented their PID presentation to a panel. Feedback was mainly focused on our testing plans and ensuring that we are testing objectively as well as subjectively. Part of this issue was due to… Read More

Preparing for the PID

This week we started the first iteration of testing with a single vehicle and operator. The results were very good with the users averaging a 5.6667 on the modified cooper harper rating scale and 94% across all the tests. This… Read More

Getting Closer to FDR Everyday

This week the team had a great streak on the development side of the project. First and foremost, the view switching now works across different Unmanned Vehicle screens. The team also fixed the latency issue between video feed and controller… Read More

Testing in Full Swing

This week the One For All Team created a detailed testing plan based off a modified Cooper-Harper Scale (MCH) for the subjective testing. The Cooper-Harper Scale is already used for flight testing so it will translate well. For objective testing… Read More

Review of QRB 2

This week the One For All team presented QRB 2 to a panel of judges. The presentation went well and the team got good advice moving forward. First and foremost the team needs to come up with a more systematic… Read More

Preparing for QRB 2

This week the One For All team had a very meeting heavy week as well as continuing the technical progress on the project. Yesterday, the team met with a pilot from Northrop Grumman who gave us advice moving forward in… Read More

Testing Begins Soon!

Major progress was made this week with team One For All. Voice was successfully integrated into the UI and can be toggled by pressing a button. Next multiple Tello Drones can now be added to the UI at once, as… Read More

QRB 1 Recap

Team One For All just finished presenting QRB 1 and received quality feedback and ideas to keep in mind as the project moves forward. Below is a screen grab of the QRB presentation. The biggest feedback the team received on… Read More