Preparing for QRB 2

This week the One For All team had a very meeting heavy week as well as continuing the technical progress on the project. Yesterday, the team met with a pilot from Northrop Grumman who gave us advice moving forward in the project and what he would look for in a UI. This was a very informative meeting where the team was grateful to have another perspective offered for the project. We also began the first iteration of testing the UI and resolved the issue of the drone camera feeds being overlaid with eachother.

Next week first and foremost will be presenting QRB 2. However, the team has other goals such as begin objective testing for the UI instead of just evaluations. The team will also work on vehicle view switching within the UI as well as prepare preset group routines. We will also begin network testing in terms of the lag times of commands and video feeds. Lastly, the team will investigate offline version of voice recognition.

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