Preparing for QRB 1

The One For All team jumped in full speed to the start of the spring semester and has already made great progress. The Aerial Drone has successfully been connected to an access point which will drastically help latency issues. The… Read More

Starting Again in 2021

Team One For All is excited to get back to their project in the new year and has already made great progress. On the software side of the project the Base UI has been developed and includes the “Smart Screen”… Read More

SLDR Peer Review

This week, we presented our SLDR presentation to our fellow peers in order to receive some feedback before our actual presentation for our Sponsors next week. As always, the One For All team was very excited for this event and… Read More

PDR Presentation Week

This week the team held their Preliminary Design Report Presentation for Northrop Grumman. We spent days beforehand incorporating the feedback from our peers that we received from the peer review presentation. This involved redesigning slides, rehearsing, discussing and planning every… Read More

Research, Research, Research

This past week has been a busy one for sure. From meeting our liaisons, Mary Alice and Jessica, to starting out initial research, this week and the last has really thrown us into the ocean with us barely knowing how… Read More