QRB2, Final Prototype V.1, and Testing

The team just presented for QRB2 this week! Overall, we received positive feedback with constructive criticism to help with adjusting our test plans for user testing.

In other news, we also finally have our first version of our prototype! We were able to merge the Kinect with the full version of the software so we are ready to put the system into the Harn. We say first version because there is a possibility, that after user testing, there are some tweaks that might need to be made before we put the final version in the actual exhibit. This is all depending on the feedback we receive during user testing…

Speaking of user testing, next week we will begin setting up the system in the Harn to prepare for bringing users to test the system. The team has been hard at work writing test plans and searching for volunteers who are interested to try the prototype! If you are interested, check out the included documents. All are welcome (see our flyer for specific user groups that would help to improve accessibility). We will be following COVID-19 precautions & scheduling appointments to minimize the amount present during testing. To sign up, fill out this form

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