Month: October 2020

Planning for Prototype Inspection Day

With less than three weeks to go until our prototype inspection day, the FLUX team works on a prototype demonstration. We were told that we didn’t need to do work that wasn’t helpful to the actual project for the prototype… Read More

Preliminary Design Review (PDR)

After several weeks of research and preparation, we finally reached the IPPD’s first milestone, the PDR presentation. The FLUX team met with sponsors and liaison from the Harn Museum for the PDR presentation on Wednesday, October 20. The team coach,… Read More

Concept Combination

Our focus this week was to write PDR Report and prepare PDR Presentation. One of the most important content is the selection and combination of possible concepts. We continued to research possible options based on the concept generation two weeks… Read More

Developing an Architecture

This week, our focus was to plan out an architecture for our prototype. We started with the existing items: Touch Table Internal Windows PC Intuiface software We then created two major blocks for the hardware and software subsystems. The functional… Read More

Concept Generation

This week, our focus was to develop possible concepts for the prototype design. The concept generation process was split up between hardware and software. See the table below or a summary of our concept ideas.  ¬†Software A possible software implementation option is… Read More