Month: April 2021

FDR and the last post

Last Tuesday, the Flux team completed the FDR(Final Design Review). Dr. Goncher, our team coach, and Dr. Segal, represented the Harn Museum attended the meeting. We reviewed our work over the past year, from problem discovery, plan preparation, actual development,… Read More

Project Video!

FDR is a few days away, and we’ve just released our project video, looking back at what we’ve done in the past year and what changes we can bring for the Harn!

Poster & Deliverable

The team demonstrated and delivered the prototype to our liaison engineer, Matt, on Thursday. We talked about how the prototype works, customizable parameters, and potential improvements in the future. We will still make some changes to the prototype to improve… Read More

video filming & final function test

The team film footage for our video this week, including prototype and interface demonstrations, museum environment, and interviews with museum staff. We will show the function and significance of our products through the video, which is expected to be completed… Read More