The first prototype

It is a week (actually 4 days) away from our QRB2. This week, we completed our first basic prototype, and now we can control the cursor’s basic behavior using gestures. The tool we used to control the mouse is PyAutoGUI. Because of its different interfaces for different mouse behaviors, we may need more gestures than we planned for different operations. Since we can currently recognize nine different gestures in our program, we believe it is enough to handle different operational needs. We will discuss what is the most intuitive gesture to use these days.

We also completed the test plan this week, and we will finalize it next week. We gonna discuss our test plan in detail in our blog post next week. We are also planning to put out an email/flyer for volunteers to test our prototype. These are also scheduled to be released next week. Stay tuned!

Screenshots of the prototype demo, we were unable to publish a GIF 🙁

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