Month: February 2021

QRB2, Final Prototype V.1, and Testing

The team just presented for QRB2 this week! Overall, we received positive feedback with constructive criticism to help with adjusting our test plans for user testing. In other news, we also finally have our first version of our prototype! We… Read More

The first prototype

It is a week (actually 4 days) away from our QRB2. This week, we completed our first basic prototype, and now we can control the cursor’s basic behavior using gestures. The tool we used to control the mouse is PyAutoGUI.… Read More

Gesture recognition success!

This week we managed to get the program to recognize different gestures for different actions. We used the training data provided on GitHub and modified it to make it work. With gesture recognition, we started to connect the image input… Read More

A Coding Breakthrough!

Last blog post, we mentioned that we had encountered some development issues. Those issues has been resolved this week! When trying to merge the code from the Kinect to talk to the code created using MediaPipe & OpenCV, there were… Read More