Something to Consider…

With recent lab trips, we have seen odd behavior occurring with our camera and how difficult it is to acquire good frames with Raspberry Pi compatible cameras. We have thought about switching processors. If we were to use a PC, we could use a higher end camera that is a few hundred dollars as opposed to the thirty-dollar ones we use now. A camera with better specs in tandem with a PC that can process much faster and efficient than the Raspberry Pi could make our product quality jump at the sacrifice of cost. This is a last-minute change and will probably have new issues arise as a result, but it is something our group has been considering, and we will be reaching a conclusion by next week.  

On the physical enclosure side, we are close to completing the final design of the physical enclosure. This will allow for more reliable testing more consistent with the ultimate version of the product. The remaining work to be done on this is the completion of clear acrylic part drawings for manufacturing, and the redesign of the existing enclosure parts. See the images below! 

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