Prototyping Progress

With absolutely nothing at all happening in the rest of the country, team Macro Mice spent the week hard at work on both the digital and physical fronts of the project. For the behavioral unit, Daniel has made great progress in finalizing the designs for the first iteration of the prototype. After touching base with the IPPD lab manager, the team is now ready to begin manufacturing components and has begun sending 3D printing requests to the lab. Beginning next week, we will begin assembling the first full iteration of the project! 

On the software side of the project, we’ve run into a problem where the course’s main source of version control Gitlab, is continuously giving us problems with logging in. We have temporarily created a GitHub repository and plan to work there for the time being, until GitLab stops giving us issues. We plan on integrating both cameras and infrared sensors into our design, and we will continue to refine our image processing software accordingly with these new additions. We will then begin testing our software with the images provided by our liaison.  

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