Prototyping Begins

This week as part of the selfie system team, Derek has been having trouble with the processor speed of his Raspberry Pi. After following all the instructions for installing OpenCV, he used “make” and the Raspberry Pi has been building for over 24 hours now. He hopes to finally finish installing everything by tonight so that he can begin contributing code and doing testing. In addition to this, Aaliyah used this tutorial to start an image processing program. However, that solves the problem in a 2D way, and the mice live in a 3D world. We must begin thinking about a different solution. The group has also recently purchased infrared sensors that will serve as the trigger our software to begin executing (taking photos of the mouse and analyzing the diameter of the wound in the picture taken). 

While the selfie system team has been hard at work, Daniel has been designing the 3D models of the physical enclosure. This process began with an analysis of previously measured size data of the mice. Once averages and a standard deviation was taken for seven different measurements, the necessary sizes of each component were determined. Using this as a starting point, the individual concepts highlighted in the PDR are now being brought one step closer to realization through CAD modeling in Solidworks. Daniel hopes to begin manufacturing these components next week! 

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