Project Summary & Updates

The Touchless Touchscreen project is sponsored by the Harn Museum of Art. Our project sponsor is Eric Segal, Director of Education and our liaison engineer is Matt Herring, Director of Museum Technology. Our coach is Dr. Andrea Goncher, a lecturer in the Department of Engineering Education. The purpose of our project is to create a safe and accessible learning experience for all museumgoers. Through our engineering background, we aim to find creative solutions to the new and unexpected obstacles created by COVID-19. The goal is to create a digital, interactive museum exhibit that is powered by movement rather than physical contact.   

So far, we have had two weekly meetings with our coach, Dr. Andrea Goncher. Additionally, we had our kickoff meeting with our sponsor and liaison at the Harn Museum of Art. We have developed a team charter and analyzed the scope of work provided by our sponsor. The next few weeks will include lots of brainstorming and developing initial designs and concepts for the project. Stay tuned! 

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