Preparing for SLDR presentation (12/4/20)

The semester is coming to a close, but we are still working hard on finishing strong. This week, we had our peer review for our SLDR presentation. We got some great feedback on it, and a lot of is really going to improve the quality of our presentation. Perhaps our biggest shortcoming in this presentation was that some of our slides and diagrams were monochromatic and crowded, so we are promptly adjusting that so that our information is more fun and interesting to look at.

We are finishing up our final SLDR report as well, and we’ve begun revising it based off the feedback from our coach. We are quite proud of the work we’ve done this semester, and we’re all quite eager to continue working. Right now, our biggest hurdle is still to find the right weather API to incorporate into our project. However, we have communicated with a few of the companies and we have narrowed down our choices to a couple of APIs. Our goal is to have this finalized and implemented in some way into our app by the end of this winter break.

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