A New Name and Other Notes…

This week we accomplished a lot! On the software side, we decided to split our program into two parts. This first is a script that helps capture the video with the Raspberry Pi. The second is a script for a PC to analyze the video and get a measurement. The Video Capturer script is complete, but we still need to make more changes to our Video Processor Script. However, we are confident we will be able to have it done by the end of the semester.  

On the hardware side, we built our last version of the enclosure and it looks amazing! You can see what it looks like in action in the video below. It includes a square reference object, which should help get more accurate measurements. The only parts missing are the camera and light mounts, but those should be done by next week. 

With the closing date of this project right around the corner, we do have some minor components to complete. This includes modifying the camera to make it smaller, completing the Video Processor script, building our camera and light mount, and testing the accuracy of our measurement process. We are also completing all our deliverable for IPPD including a final report, video, poster, and presentation. We hope to get this all done in the next week. 

Also, we should note that our device is no longer named the Spiny Mouse Selfie. Our project has changed drastically from the place we first started, so our team and our liaison thought it was time for a name change. Our project title is still the Spiny Mouse Selfie, but our device is now called the Acomys’ Caliper Enclosure, or ACE for short! 

[Video was redacted due to research restrictions]

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