A Prototype in Progress

This week Macro Mice was able to take more videos with the live mice. From this we learned that the IR cameras are our best option, but we will have to figure out some ways to extend the lights, so they do not cause a glare in our images.  

We also improved our GUI this week and incorporated our IR beam. The program starts by asking the user for the mouse ID and the save file location. Once started, it waits for the IR beam to be triggered before taking video. Check out our demo below! (Note: The screen recorder cannot record the camera feed, but the user can see it. At the end of the demo, the video is opened to show that video was taken and saved to the desired location.)e

After meeting with our coach recently, we’ve found that given the reference hole and the mouse ear hole, we can reliably find the area of the mouse’s ear hole. Now we are looking into iteratively cropping our image so that we can isolate the holes in the image and then find the area of the hole using a thresholding technique. 

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