Latest on the Selfie and SLDR Draft

During our Prototype Inspection Day presentations, we were given the wonderful idea of tattooing our reference object to the mouse ear. After consulting our liaison, we found out that this is possible and has been done before. Because of this, in the next iteration of our selfie system prototype, we ran with this idea and our prototype improved greatly. Currently, it works like this: the PIR motion sensor starts the program upon detecting movement. The camera turns on and send live video feed to the image processing program. A frame is extracted and if two circles are determined, the first circle, the tattoo, and the inputted diameter by the user, is used to calculate the diameter of the second circle, the hole. Each usable frame is saved as an image with the measurements for the researcher to use. Once five usable frames have been determined, the program ends. So far, we have received mostly positive results from the method. Check out our system below! 

Sample output of the current prototype of the selfie system

In other news, we presented our System Level Design Review Presentation for review from our peers. This will be our last presentation for the semester and a chance for sponsors across different projects to critique our design. We received mostly positive feedback from our peers and will incorporate their comments into the next iteration of the presentation before the official presentations next week. Check out some of our presentation below! 

Slide explaining the goal of our project.
Slide showing the enclosure prototype

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