Making radar progress (2/5/21)

We’ve been working diligently on making progress on our radar implementation. We are pretty much set on doing some sort of image processing since most of the weather APIs give us the images of the radar instead of the raw data. This isn’t a problem though, because they provide us with a few time steps, so with some basic image processing we can find the direction and speed of most weather events.

We’ve started to make progress in accessing the radar information. So far, we’ve been able to fetch radar data from the API and display it in an html page. From here, we’re going to incorporate this functionality into the app itself, expand its capabilities, and being to implement an image processing algorithm on it.

We have also decided that we should develop a server to host most of the API requests, do all of the image processing, and store the API key so that the app is more secure and runs faster. We are working on this server now. From here, we just need to finish establishing the server and continue to work on the radar.

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