QRB1 finished and moving forward (1/29/21)

We completed their QRB1 this week. This gave us a lot of valuable feedback to improve our project. A lot of the feedback we received had to do with us not clearly stating certain parts of the project. This includes each team member’s explicit role in the project, how we are going to test the app during the testing phase, and how we are going to translate the radar data into a non-visual format. We have already begun to make these points much clearer for the next presentation. Also, the Gantt chart that we used in the presentation did not have the months labeled well, and it was a bit disorganized. We have another, more detailed, Gantt chart that we did not use for the presentation because we thought it would be too cluttered, but we are adjusting it now to use for future presentations.

We are going to continue to improve our presentations and certain parts of our project. At this point, we are fully in development and are expanding the functionality of the project. Our main task at hand is to start implementing our radar algorithm, and that begins with meeting as a team and finalizing our ideas.

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