Blog Post #18: The End of the Road!

This week marked the conclusion of Team REACT3D’s journey. The team presented the final prototype to various faculty in-person and virtually during the Final Design Review (FDR). Participants that attended in-person were able to interact with the reactors and conduct… Read More

Blog Post #17: Kit Testing Time!

This week the team was hard at work doing some user testing. We were set up at the Chemical Engineering Student Center, where students and professors could come in and do some tests run of our lab kit. If you want a closer… Read More

Blog Post #16: Almost There

React3d has been extremely busy. From ordering new parts to continue testing, to re-writing the GUI code to make it perfect and 3D printing like crazy, the team has been working non-stop to get the final prototype ready to go in the next couple… Read More

Blog Post #15: Prototype Inspection Day Part 2!

React3D had their Prototype day #2 this week! They were able to meet in one room and together they presented to multiple faculty and staff. Their presentation was full of videos and pictures of their current prototype to try and get the audience to see all the parts… Read More

Blog Post # 14: Its Crunch Time!

This week the team is hard at work making improvements to their designs! Sherlyn made some progress testing new chemical concentrations, while Yusef and Lezhou tested the new 3D printed designs. Ivan and Mikiya were hard at work soldering the circuit design onto a protoshield for… Read More


This week Team REACT3D made a lot of progress on their project. They were able to get a lot of feedback from their sponsor, Dr. Rinaldi; they re-designed the 3D printed reactor and its components, and they continued to improve their circuit! Valentina and Sherlyn tested their… Read More

Blog Post #12: More Progress!

This week, the team made a lot of headway in chemical reaction running. By changing concentrations of different reactants, a much faster reaction time was obtained. Moreover, new chemical reactions compatible with our colorimetric sensor were identified and are going… Read More


This week the team made a lot of progress! Sherlyn and Valentina got to test different concentrations of chemical reactions. Ivan, Yusef, and Mikiya worked on calibrating color sensors and testing the new reactor designs.  The team definitely made a lot of… Read More

Blog Post #10: Prototyping Continues!

This week, Team REACT3D had Qualification Review Board (QRB) 1 and updated faculty members on their progress. The team took the feedback given and began pursuing alternate designs. In addition, REACT3D 3D printed additional designs and met for prototyping. A lot of information was learned, including how to make better designs for… Read More