Blog Post #18: The End of the Road!

This week marked the conclusion of Team REACT3D’s journey. The team presented the final prototype to various faculty in-person and virtually during the Final Design Review (FDR). Participants that attended in-person were able to interact with the reactors and conduct a colorimetric reaction.

Presentation setup including kit packaging, a functional reactor, and previous iterations of designs.

Faculty feedback was taken into account and will be implemented by the next group of students. In the future, the UF Chemical Engineering Department plans to incorporate these reactor designs into an existing kit.

Members of Team REACT3D at the FDR presentation. From left to right: Lezhou, Valentina, Mikiya, Yusef, Sherlyn, Ivan (not pictured).

The team would like to thank all faculty members, IPPD staff, and UF for giving us this opportunity and guiding us through this journey. Thank you for tuning in! Go Gators!

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