Month: April 2021

Blog Post #18: The End of the Road!

This week marked the conclusion of Team REACT3D’s journey. The team presented the final prototype to various faculty in-person and virtually during the Final Design Review (FDR). Participants that attended in-person were able to interact with the reactors and conduct… Read More

Blog Post #17: Kit Testing Time!

This week the team was hard at work doing some user testing. We were set up at the Chemical Engineering Student Center, where students and professors could come in and do some tests run of our lab kit. If you want a closer… Read More

Blog Post #16: Almost There

React3d has been extremely busy. From ordering new parts to continue testing, to re-writing the GUI code to make it perfect and 3D printing like crazy, the team has been working non-stop to get the final prototype ready to go in the next couple… Read More