Month: March 2021

QRB 2 Week

The team just presented for QRB 2 this past week. We received great feedback on some items that we overlooked and it definitely helped visualize the timeline and what needs to get done. The team is now more confident with… Read More

Knee Deep in Features

With the basic layout and design of the website created, it is time to create the main functionality and features. Last week we deployed a ‘rough draft’ to test backend operations and started development, with that said, we have now… Read More

Beginning Front End Development

From our last post you can see that the backend is complete; this allows us to freely access the data in the database and display in or use it in whatever means is needed for our project. Right now we… Read More

Back End is Up

After QRB 1 we got to work and now have completed the backend functionality. Our database is ready to go with all CRUD operations in place for the front end to use. We decided to use PostgresSQL for the database… Read More

QRB 1 Week

Eight Bit was thrilled to present information regarding our project, the progress we have made, and what our timeline is set to be for this upcoming semester. We received critical feedback that will be helpful in moving the project forward.… Read More