Month: October 2020

PDR Revision and Final Contract

The presentation of our PDR to Raytheon went well. The team received valuable feedback on what to add and the process they have to go through for approval of certain development items such as a framework/library. With the PDR presentation… Read More

PDR Preparations (The Real Deal)

The team presented their PDR presentation to fellow IPPD collogues and staff and received valuable feedback on how to improve the quality of the presentation. Taking these suggestions into consideration the presentation was reworked to provide better insight on the… Read More

PDR Preparations (Peer Review)

The team has been working to finish all the necessary requirements for the PDR presentation peer review. These preparations include: PDR Report A functional architecture Identifying constraints of the system Concept generation Initial roadmap Prototyping Methodology Expectations and Goals Next… Read More

Progress Report

The team has finalized the customer needs with the sponsor and prioritized the needs in accordance with how important they are for the stakeholders of the project. Based on these needs, the team has created project specifications that detail features… Read More

Initial Research

The team will use HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, and Java SE Development Kit 11 to develop the GUI using an interface library chosen by the team and liaison engineers. HTML5 is the current specification for the HTML markup language used… Read More

Project Introduction

This project is sponsored by Raytheon Intelligence & Space. Raytheon Intelligence & Space is the division of Raytheon that provides sensors, training, and cyber and software services to defense and aerospace clients. This project aims to replace the existing EOL… Read More