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Blog Post #9: Welcome Back Gators!

Team REACT3D is back in town and ready to kick off the semester. This week, the team focused on CAD modeling and software development. Sherlyn and Valentina were even able to head into the lab and get some hands-on testing done. With the printers busy and the lab rooms booked, it’s sure to be a great term. 

After all that hard work, the team decided to have virtual lunch break together! Wishing all Gators a successful semester! ðŸ˜Š  

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(left to right) Sherlyn, Lezhou, Mikiya, Yusef, Ivan, and Valentina smiling for the camera after a team meeting. 

Blog Post #8: Happy Fall Break!

This week REACT3D finally met together in person! The team followed all social distancing protocols, as well as worn a mask throughout the whole meeting but they were able to see each other’s heights! (No one could believe Valentina was almost 6ft) Anyways, the team was busy building and testing to get ready for prototype day. Sherlyn and Valentina were able to test the reactions and they made some notes regarding reaction time and cleaning procedures. Yusef, Mikiya, Lezhou, and Ivan were busy building the prototype and figuring it out the tubing sizes, the reliability of sensors and Arduino designs. The team is ready to show their progress and get some feedback!

(left to right) Yusef, Lezhou, and Mikiya working together on the prototype
Team REACT3D outside of the New Engineering Building, after meeting for 4 hour of working together on the prototype

Blog Post #7: 3D Printing

This week Team React3d was busy in the lab. Even under COVID-19 conditions, 2 team members got to go to the 3D printing lab in the Chemical Engineering department and were able to start 3D printing some tube channels and flow beds to start testing. The team also ordered some sensors, tubes, and pumps to test with the 3D printed designs. The team has a lot of work to do, but could not be more excited to show what they have been working on for prototype day.

Team members, Valentina and Ivan, in the Chemical Engineering 3D-printing lab, holding their most recent prints

Blog Post #6: PDR Week (continued)

You read that title right! This week, the team continued to work on their PDR presentation. The team presented a revamped version of their PDR presentation from last week, following the feedback they got from their peers. They presented it to their sponsor, as well as Faculty and staff from the Chemical Engineering Department. They gave the team great feedback and some food for thought to continue creating the best version of the chemical reactor.

The team also started purchasing some sensors and next week they will start testing their 3D printed models. The next weeks will be paramount for the development of the kit, and the team could not be more excited!

Blog Post #5: PDR Week

This week, REACT3D did not stop working. The team presented their Preliminary Design Review to IPPD peers and they were able to get some feedback on how to improve both their presentation content and skills. The team continued to work on their design and they made plans to start 3D printing some parts for testing, that way they can get a glance on printing precision and what kind of tubes they will be using for our reactor. Additionally, they narrowed down their list of reactions to start prioritizing design requirements. REACT3D is excited for what is to come, as their design continues to evolve every week!

Team REACT3D presenting their PDR presentation to IPPD peers and coach


Team React3d is wishing everyone a happy midterm season! Adding on to all the excitement, the team is ready to head into the labs to start 3D printing some test components. In the coming weeks, the team will continue work hard (on midterms) and play hard (on the project). From our team to yours, good luck with exams!

Blog Post #3: Design Modeling

For this week, Team 10 focused on their concept generation phase and created 3D models inspired by designs found in research papers and their own creativity. The team also finalized design requirements and specifications for the final prototype. With these specifications, the team analyzed the relative priority based on a house of quality matrix, which will be helpful when purchasing sensors and parts while trying to stay within budget. The team has a lot of work to do for the upcoming weeks, so make sure you keep checking our blog!  

Blog Post #2: Brainstorming New Ideas

The team is hard at work this week! Team 10 is now REACT3D, representing the 3D printed reactors that are being designed. The team has been testing their drawing skills brainstorming and developing creative concept chemical reactor models and are excited to start modeling more concrete designs. Be sure to check out the new team logo. REACT3D is off to a great start!

Blog Post #1: Team Introductions and Preliminary Research

In the first week of class, Team 10 was introduced to its teammates and coach, Dr. Jackson. They discussed the project specifications and were tasked with creating a preliminary design of the chemical reactor. This task kick-started their background research and ensured that all subsystems would be researched simultaneously and complement each other in the final design.   

In the second and third weeks of class, Team 10 met with their liaison, Dr. Rinaldi, and discussed questions about the project specifications. At the end of the meeting, the team had a better understanding of the project scope and decided to focus on choosing chemical reactions for the reactor, as those would determine the rest of the design. Team 10 finished out the third week by updating their team page with bio’s, a team name, and a team logo.

This week consisted of team introductions and preliminary research. Team 10 is on its way to developing a robust milli chemical reactor!